Behind the Camera

‘We wish we would’ve…’

Perhaps it was the bittersweet feeling that our own wedding pictures and video did not represent us as unique individuals.  Or perhaps it was Mindy’s obsession with freezing moments in time and her burning desire to learn more about her parents’ beginnings but not having the photos to do so.

From these coincidences was born a passion to provide unique, one-of-a-kind experiences and products for our family of clients.  A passion to do for others what had been lacking in our own personal experiences.  A genuine desire for treating others the way we would want to be treated as clients.

Followed our dreams

And so in 2006, we pursued this dream and 4 short years later, left the security of our teaching careers to dedicate ourselves entirely to establishing and fostering unique relationships with our clients as the gateway to producing images and videos that are reflections of each unique individual.

As artists, we’ve evolved over the years and so has our business.  Today, we have a team of photographers and videographers who share in our passion and whose work serves as a reflection of the passion and love we all have for the creative arts and for people.  Our unmatched attention to detail and intimate approach sets us apart from others!

The two of us remain madly in love after 2 decades, and have added to our love with a mini-us named Quin.  We favor restaurants that support local farms and sustainable agriculture. Health and fitness are a top priority to us and our downtime is filled with adventures with our energetic toddler building, reading books or dancing in the rain with him.  Our favorite ‘us time’ is sipping on a margarita in the sunshine at our favorite local Mexican outdoor patio – daydreaming about our next travel destination.

The nitty gritty…

Whether our team is shooting a 20-minute session on the beach or capturing a 14-hour wedding day, our goal is to make you feel incredibly comfortable and valued, to capture your vibe and personality, and immortalize the present moment.

Are we a match? If you are unique, fun-loving, distinct, emotional, and love to laugh – if you want your images/video to be an accurate customized representation of who you are through our approach and vision, then yes we are a match!

Get in touch! We’d love to meet you!