Capturing photographic memories of your newborn, your toddler and school age children is so important to parents trying to document wonderful years that just fly by.

Everything about an Everlasting session is strategically thought out in advance. We communicate extensively with you ahead of the shoot and learn as much as we can about your child/children, the family dynamics, their interests, demeanor and personality. The more we can learn about your child, the quicker we can connect with him/her to get the most out of the photo session – and make sure they have fun too!

Having a toddler has helped us to become even better children photographers with our deeper understanding for children and all of their unpredictability. Even with infants, there’s a different intangible quality about us as parents and people that goes a long way in easing an infant’s demeanor. It’s honestly something that can’t even be put into words, but we recognize it in the way our infant and children shoots have evolved prior to parenthood until now. We’ll do everything we can to capture your child’s true smile, laughter and overall essence.

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