the art of making motion pictures

The key word in this definition is art, something that is personal and different for everyone. It’s what drives our approach to every wedding video we create. Everything from the scenes selected, the accompanying music, the vibe and the tempo of the visuals is personalized to reflect your personalities, your wedding day story.

Our goal is the capture the emotions of each event as they happen – raw, unfiltered and unobtrusively. Then the art begins – taking the magic of these fleeting moments and recreate them in a way on the screen that rekindles the same emotions as if you were back in that moment.

Photography captures individual moments of your wedding day, but videography provides you a visual and aural keepsake that is priceless and and even more so with the passing of years. Allow Everlasting Films to help capture your special day and you’ll relive your wedding and get those chills all over again!

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Samantha + Luis

Samantha & Luis have a special bond that took them some time to find – and as with most good things in life, their patience paid off big! They seem to understand one another without so much as saying a word and look at each other with that giddy, butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling that you had as a tweenager with your first crush. Their laughter, their vibe… they just make you feel good! Enjoy a quick glimpse into their day!! #makeiteverlastingCT #fallwedding #fallinlove #ariawedding #ctphotographer #ctvideographer #love #badgleymischka #samandlousayido #louisvuitton

Shannon + James

Lip locked! You know there’s something very special (and passionate) about a couple like Shannon + James who just can’t keep their hands off one another…and lips for that matter 🙂 Even in moments when the cameras weren’t rolling, we’d often catch James sneaking in a kiss or Shannon standing on her tippy toes requesting a kiss from James. Greatest thing we think about their passion for one another is the example that they are setting for their 2 kids who will grow up knowing how much mom and dad loved one another and what it means to be in love. Congratulations to this awesome couple and family! All of our love to you!

Amanda + Michael

When it comes to finding love, there is no right or wrong way…there just is! On a random night when the stars were aligned and the drinks mixed just right at Atlantic Restaurant…hehe, fate would have it that Amanda and Michael’s paths would cross and that they would forever be connected. You can just tell in their smiles when together that there’s no place they’d rather be than in each other’s company along with their children and we loved capturing every single smile and smirk (and there were lots of them!!!) Congrats to Amanda + Michael for finding love and blending their families into a happy home together.


Amanda + David

He’s My Something Blue! Amanda had one less detail to worry about in getting ready for her wedding as (detective) David was literally her something blue. These two have such great chemistry and an amazing way of balancing each another out. David is the yin to Amanda’s yang! His silly sense of playfulness has a way of calming Amanda’s jitters. This wedding was cram-packed with fun, goofiness, and laughter; Everything from Vader (Amanda + David’s dog) serving as ring bearer, some amazing worm moves on the dance floor, to a pretty cool live edit show done by @jockintheboxentertainment . If this wedding day was in any way symbolic of what is to come for these two, then things are looking really good! Congrats as you enjoy one another as husband and wife and thank you for the honor of getting to know you and your story.


A Tribute to the Father of the Bride (Alexandra + Brian)

Sometimes things happen and force you to reflect on just how life can be so fragile and unpredictable. Less than 7 days ago, Alexandra was being walked down the aisle by her father and today she and Brian are mourning his loss.  Mindy and I send big hugs to this wonderful couple as they find solace in their hearts knowing he loved you very much!!! Hope this little video helps even just a little today and every day… ❤️❤️


Sophisticated Weddings #NYBFWpreview

Every so often, we get the chance to work outside of our usual box and link up with some amazing professionals.  Our friends at Nicholson Events put on quite a show at this amazing party during the New York Bridal Fashion Week Preview hosted by Sophisticated Weddings at the luxurious Ravel Hotel in Long Island City, NY.  We had so much fun being a part of it and were inspired to put together our cinematic interpretation of that very awesome evening.


Shannon + James instagram teaser

Not everyone can say that their wedding was a fairy tale come true – but Shannon and James sure can! So much love put into each and every detail, it’s no wonder that these 2 are now enjoying their ‘happily ever after’. PS – we all agree that James needs to open up his very own #Etsy shop.

Niki + Dan

Stay Away From My Baby! Some of Niki’s dad’s first words to Dan proved to be of little effect as these two young souls found one another early on in life and became inseparable. Niki + Dan are the epitome of a well-balanced couple; educated, sophisticated, and a load of fun! The two carry themselves with such class and poise and yet are able to pull off a Smirnoff Ice Challenge in the middle of their elegant wedding reception. The day began elegantly at Church of St. Peter in Danbury and transitioned the beautiful Villa Barone Hilltop Manor where thee volume was turned up by Dance to the Music Entertainment – CT Wedding DJ and the dance floor was filled all evening long. We can only imagine the amazingness that is yet to come for Niki + Dan as they began their life as husband and wife. Congratulations!


Laura + Jason instagram teaser

‘Love knows no time, nor distance, and it certainly knows no reason’ – Genevieve Dewey.  Thanks to Laura & Jason for giving all of us more reason to believe in love.


Amanda + Michael

When it comes to finding love, there is no right or wrong way…there just is! Congrats to Amanda + Michael for finding love in each other and blending their families into a happy home together.


Nicole + Andy

What better way to kick off the summer than to be a part of Nicole + Andy’s huge wedding gala. Their reception at the VIP Country Club in New Rochelle, NY had just about everything you could imagine; gourmet food, gorgeous venue, flamenco dancing, live Portuguese music, live percussionist, painter, cigar bar, and to top it off, guests were treated to a midnight chorizo and pizza cart while they waited for valet service…just to name a few. It was a fitting day for an amazing couple and their proud families.


Marissa + Chris

Marissa + Chris are the kind of couple that everyone notices when they enter the room. Marissa’s beauty and sense of fashion blend seamlessly with Chris’ poignant charm and remarkable resemblance to Cristiano Ronaldo!?! hehe. Well, by the looks of it, we’re pretty confident that although Chris has an uncanny admiration of CR7, it’s still no match for the love he has for Marissa. Check out their amazing day in this video trailer!


Michelle + Kc

Michelle + Kc are really something special! And we don’t say that with any sarcasm whatsoever…we mean it 😉 They’ve got a really special connection! Kc keeps Michelle laughing 24/7 with his witty and dry humor while Michelle’s sweet demeanor and contagious smile lights up the room. We’re fortunate to be able to call many of our couples ‘friends’ after their wedding day is done, and these guys are the epitome of that gift for us. Much love!!


Amanda + John

While working with Amanda + John, we connected with them on so many levels. These 2 are hard working, kind, and had quite the year leading up to their wedding day. Planning a wedding, buying a house, and oh yeah….being first-time parents to an incredibly adorable little boy. In the end, they pulled off an amazing wedding day at the beautiful Society Room in Hartford, CT. Check it out for yourself in this video!


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