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Niki + Dan

Louie and his brand new baby sister Nala are so excited to announce that their mommy and daddy got married!!!

This wedding was epic as Niki & Dan surrounded themselves with their beautiful families and friends.  #HighonLuningYou  #MakeitEverlastingCT Read More

Nicole + Andy

Our heart wants to burst when we think about how young Nicole was when we met her and her incredible family. We captured her super elaborate sweet sixteen gala and Read More

Xiomara + Victor

He asked and she said, “It’s about damn time!” Read More


These guys!!! Remember that beautiful couple that we referred to as the modern-day Brady Bunch?? Well, they invited their “babies” for a fun in the sun session with us. Here is a teeny sneak peek from their session! It speaks volumes of their love, friendship, and commitment! It’s such a special time for all of these fabulous people: new school year, new schools for some, and a whole lotta destination wedding planning!! Yup, these two are tying the knot summer 2019 and everyone is over the moon for this upcoming fest.


When a family is this delicious! Always a pleasure Sarah, Brian, and LZ! We love getting to photograph your evolution as a family and simply adore you!

Nikki + Dan

Nikki and Dan are over the moon and we are right there with them! We had such a wonderful afternoon spending time with them and chit chatting all things baby! We are so happy for them during such a special time in their lives. We cannot wait to meet their little girl!

Lisa + Dom

Congratulations Lisa and Dom! We are so thrilled for your growing family and cannot wait to meet Baby Moura very soon! We love how giddy and ‘glowy’ you both are about this little girl that will be gracing your world. Hang tight, you’re up for the best time of your life!!


“There is a miracle in every new beginning” -Hermann Hesse

Congratulations Nikki and Dan!!! I was seriously SO excited to meet this sweet baby girl! Olivia wins for being the youngest little lady I have ever photographed embraced in her mother’s absolutely gorgeous wedding gown. I love this family and have loved being able to capture these magical first few weeks of life.

Almeida Family

We first met this AWESOME trio at their auntie Lisa’s wedding and absolutely loved their spunk and energy, and now we were lucky enough to get to spend some more time with time in a much more informal way with their super cool mom Alicia and dad Roberto who trusted us and let us get super creative with their 3 boys. Probably one of our favorite images of all time! Thanks for being yourselves with us Alex, Matthew, and Luke!

Melissa + Joey

You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep. In Melissa & Joey’s case, the 60+ guests that made the trip to Punta Cana Read More