From the moment we meet you, we are already working on creating a boudoir photography experience that will make you feel secure and comfortable with us. What’s behind your desire for a boudoir session? Self-celebration, gift for a significant other, to-do on your bucket list or other? We’ll dig into that during our in-depth preparation conversations and discuss your comfort level, what parts of your body you like and want to celebrate, what music you like. We take all of this information and help guide you by suggesting types of outfits, props, colors, setting and more.

The pampering begins the moment you walk in, to the sounds of mood music that suits your style, a freshly prepared cocktail to your taste, a private dressing room, and a dedicated hair and make-up artist not only for prep before the session, but also any touch-ups needed during the session.

At Everlasting we believe that a boudoir photography session is an experience, and not just a shoot. It can be nerve-wrecking to put oneself in such a vulnerable position in front of the camera, and so we go out of our way to create a experience that is conducive to release your fears, doubts and insecurities, and allow your confident, empowered, true self to shine through.

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