ALEX + ADAM The Bohlin | Newport, RI The epitome of elegance! That’s what comes to mind when trying to concisely describe Alex & Adam’s wedding day. With @discovernewport as their backdrop, their day couldn’t be any more beautiful even… Read More


    Such a cool, poised couple with a flare for being fit and happy


    You know it’s going to be a good time when it’s a Great Gatsby themed wedding!


     Anthony’s mommy & daddy got married!


    The love at this wedding was literally palpable!


    Heartfelt, beautiful, and wild…on the steamy island of Jamaica


    A perfect rustic, ‘autumn in New England’ vibe–straight out of a Hallmark movie!!


    You would never know that the weather wasn’t exactly dreamy from the sweet and positive attitude that these two have for one another and those around them.


    You know a wedding is going to be off the hook when the wedding party kicks off the reception with a game of flip cup!


    The magic of December in Connecticut with a touch of warmth from Italy


    Imagine meeting in the 5th grade, living down the street from one another on a lake….a lake that would be witness to you getting married to your best friend!


    This couple didn’t let a pandemic keep them from saying I DO, finally!! 

  • Brittany+Joseph

    Classy, smart, energetic. Every single detail on point!


    This couple is so into one another it was as if we weren’t even there


    If there was ever a marriage meant to be, it’s this one!!


    Those who hunt together, stay together. Congrats to our little cousin Gabriella and her hunting partner Matthew.


    Beyond smitten over one another after 4 years together, a home purchased, one daughter born, and a gorgeous wedding planned!


    A wedding celebration of this couple’s unique flair and vibe. Bob Ross socks and all…


    A sweet, sweet couple who are the most amazing and committed parents to their three little loves!


    The anticipation of a First Look. Words would be insufficient to describe Harrison’s reaction when seeing Stephanie as a bride for the first time.

  • Allison + Kevin

    When we first chatted with these two, they told us that they weren’t really into formalities, and just ‘wanted to party!’.  Well, they sure lived up to their words.


    Emily & Kyle Litteral, You are #litteralymarried!  What an incredibly fun and high energy wedding.


    These 2 couldn’t be any sweeter together! Megan and Kyle’s day was absolutely amazing and had that perfect mix of tears and laughter.


    When the rain gods are on your side, you’re sure to have amazing things coming your way.


    FINALLY!!! Nothing was going to stop these two from tying the knot…


    A love story built among the farming hills of northwest Connecticut


    When your plans to get married in Italy fall through, you do it your way! Congratulations to Silvana & Shaun who tied the knot in an intimate secret wedding!

  • Helena + Chico

    “Love is lovelier the second time around!” – Frank Sinatra


    Their laughter and vibe is contagious and make you just want to smile!  Candlewood Lake’s amazing views and scenery made it tough for us to decide which way to turn, and with Chelsea and Connor as our subjects, we just couldn’t go wrong!


    Kristen + Lionel are completely committed to one another and their 3 boys and their decision to tie the knot is a true testament to their character.  They devote so much time to their family and are totally deserving of this day in honor of the two of them and their love.  Congratulations!!!


    These 2 compliment each other so perfectly and their choice to have their wedding celebration outdoors at Warren Woods in Warren, CT aligns perfectly with their laid back personalities.


    Amar Não É Pecado | To Love Is Not A Sin.  The symbolic words of Alyssa + Luis’ first dance hold special meaning to this couple in the sense that they beat all odds and made an intercontinental long distance relationship work. reaching this special day when they say ‘I Do’ and get to be together forever.


    We can totally understand why Meghan’s the one that has stolen Austin’s heart! She’s beautiful, cheerful, and paired with Austin’s sarcasm and humor, together, they are all smiles and laughter!


    Allyson + Scott are the epitome of love meant to be as they begin their lives as a married couple on a bright, beautiful, and warm July day.


    Love is sweeter the second time around!  This couldn’t be any truer than in the case of Terri + Greg.  As parents to 3 adult children collectively, these two have been through many phases in life and have a deep sense and knowing of who they are and what they want.


    These two are just meant to be!  Sam + Jonah thoroughly enjoy being in one another’s company, and not to mention, saving lives as a nurse and paramedic respectfully.  They’re bound to be in safe hands at all times with each other and we couldn’t be happier for them as they tie the knot at the beautiful @Riverview in Simsbury, CT.  


    April showers bring May flowers!  When it comes to Sarah and Jason’s love story, there is always sunshine and beautiful flowers, especially when it comes to their little love Lucas.  It’s been such a pleasure getting to know this family and we knew that their day would be perfect for them…rain or shine!  Congratulations!


    Dana & Randy are middle school sweethearts… but not the kind that met when they were 12! In fact, it was much later in life when their paths crossed as middle school teachers. They have been connected ever since.


    After 5 years, Amanda and Ryan are saying ‘I Do’ at the beautiful Grandview in Poughkeepsie, NY. They are funny, sarcastic, and so easy to be around.  For their engagement session, they told us about their love for the outdoors and so we ran with it.


    Lip locked! You know there’s something very special (and passionate) about a couple like Shannon + James who just can’t keep their hands off one another…and lips for that matter!


    Stay Away From My Baby! Some of Niki’s dad’s first words to Dan proved to be of little effect as these two young souls found one another early on in life and became inseparable. Niki + Dan are the epitome of a well-balanced couple; educated, sophisticated, and a load of fun!

  • Samantha + Luis

    Sam + Lou have a very special bond.  They seem to understand one another without so much as saying a word.  Just take a look at some of the images that we’ve posted here and you’ll understand.  The way they look at each other,  their laughter, their vibe…it just makes you feel good!

  • Marialyn + Joseph

    Leo has to be one of the luckiest boys ever to have such an awesome mommy and daddy!  They’re great parents, cool people, and not to mention that they are gorgeous together. Congratulations!  So excited to be a part of your day!


    What better way to kick off the summer than to be a part of Nicole + Andy’s huge wedding gala. Their reception at the VIP Country Club in New Rochelle, NY had just about everything you could imagine; gourmet food, gorgeous venue, flamenco dancing, live Portuguese music, live percussionist, painter, cigar bar, and to top it off, guests were treated to a midnight chorizo and pizza cart while they waited for valet service…just to name a few. It was a fitting day for an amazing couple and their proud families.

  • Laura + Jason

    Laura and Jason said yes to being together forever. What a celebration of love this event was! A very small intimate guest list nestled into the beautiful Dalice Elizabeth Vineyard in Preston, CT , a wine lover’s dream! Enjoy this sneak peek of the little touches Laura and Jason had and our favorite unique moments of their day!


    We don’t think this couple could be any more perfect for one another and their first dance choice fittingly emphasizes this point.  Don’t believe us?  Just speak to any of their 250+ guests and they’ll readily confirm.


    Congratulations Shannon and James on your official ‘happily ever after’!! What an incredibly romantic and extremely fun wedding.  So much love and hard work into each and every detail.  James, we were all impressed on your craftsmanship. You need to open up your very own Etsy storefront!

  • Niki + Dan

    Louie and his brand new baby sister Nala are so excited to announce that their mommy and daddy are getting married!!!
    This wedding will be epic as Niki & Dan surround themselves with their beautiful families and friends.  #HighonLuningYou  #MakeitEverlastingCT

  • Nicole + Andy

    Nicole + Andy are so great together! They act like an old couple… as if they’ve been married forever. We think our images of their wedding and engagement will tell you the same.

  • Lauren + Austin

    In our line of work, it never fails to warm our souls when we come across high school sweethearts. Newlyweds Lauren + Austin

  • Diane + Mike

    When a couple has 400+ guests at their wedding you know the level of love and excitement is through the roof.

  • Amanda + John

    As many of you know, 17 months ago we had a beautiful little boy enter our lives. We experienced the whirlwind of being parents


    Michelle + Kc are really something special! And we don’t say that with any sarcasm whatsoever…we mean it 😉 They’ve got a really special connection!


    How does it get better than this?!! Time and time again, we are reminded that the best part of what we do is the chance to connect with people


    There are unexpected moments at every wedding. Each one is spectacular!